Propa-Camba 150

#A14-P50 - Limited availability

USD$ 299.00   USD$ 395.00

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Academy Snowboards presents the Propa-Camba. The name of this board says it all, Proper Camber! Traditional camber never went away and this board proves it. This board has so much snap to it, even the graphics pop. You will like it here and there, you will like it everywhere. You can hit a box or ollie a fox, this board is top notch. A true twin deck with tip to tail wood core, giving the board a consistent feel no matter which way you ride it. The Propa-Camba has a mellow camber to give you that ollie power but still torsionally soft so you can get HAM on any feature whether in the streets or the park. Designed by Chad and Ryan Tarbell, this board is built to last.